Alphubel_0Saas-Fee. Stefan Aaron plans a big thing. He wants to perform his new song “Doing the Undoable” at the top of the Alphubel, the 4206 metre (13800 ft) high mountain in the Swiss Alps. With this world premiere, Stefan Aaron wants to set a new world record as the one who played piano and sang on the highest altitude.

The event starts on Saturday 20 August at ten o’clock at the sports field of Saas-Fee in Switzerland. Everybody is invited to see how a helicopter of Air Zermatt flies Stefan and his orange piano to the top of the Alphubel. “The piano is 250 kilo heavy and will be fixed by belts to the helicopter”, says Stefan. On board will also be a camera team that will shoot a video of the mountain gig. When Stefan Aaron plays and sings on the Alphubel he will enter new musical territory. “Nobody knows how a piano sounds above 4000 meter altitude”, says the musician from Munich, Germany. How did the celeb piano player who performed for example for the German Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich or tennis legend Boris Becker hit the idea to play piano on a peak of the Alps? “I wanted to do something crazy. Something that was never done before.” Because there are 18 peaks above four thousand metre, Stefan chose the Saas-Fee region in the Swiss canton Wallis as the start of his spectacular Orange Piano Tour. His concept: “I want to put my orange piano, whose colour fits to the positive energy of my songs, at unusual places and see what happens.” The Alphubel was picked as “stage” for Stefan’s Guinness world record try because the peak of the mountain giant is “broader”. Stefan Aaron praises the “perfect cooperation” with the staff of Saas-Fee/Saastal Tourism: “They are looking forward to the event and do a fantastic job.”

After the mountain gig the helicopter flies Stefan, his piano and the camera crew back to the sports field of Saas-Fee. Anyone who wants to know how Stefan’s record song “Doing the Undoable” sounds, can download it from 20 August here on this website.