Stefan Aaron is a passionate singer/songwriter who started playing piano with the age of 6 years . After school he joined 2 years a private Jazz school in Munich, where he got a solid education in harmony and composition.There he found paradoxically his passion in writing pop-music influenced by artists like Toto,Billy Joel,Supertramp and Beatles .

After working as a piano-player in Los Angeles/US , he went back to Munich to get his own recording studio and elaborate on his own songs . As a fan of mostly American and British cover-songs he is still booked as party-pianoplayer in Munich and all around Europe for corporate events. His first official release as a singer was 2009 "I Never Find My Soulmate" under the pseudonym S.Aaron Project ,which got 200 000 clicks on Youtube.

Driven by the Dominic Brunner case he produced 2010 the ballad "Never Look Away" and "Too Late" as a wake-up-call for a Nigerian massacre in Dogo Nahawa. 2011 he started his international Orange Piano Tour with the theme-song "Doing The Undoable" on a glacier of the Alphubel mountain in Switzerland .This piano ballad gets performed at every station and describes Aaron`s thoughts on approaching new challenges best. Playing on the Great Wall of China as 2.station was such a thing .After conquering hudge hurdles he could produce The Great Wall Song video which got klicked on Chinese Youtube Youku 80 000 times and reviewed by BBC.

One highlight of his tour was the 3.Station at the Preikestolen in Norway 2013,where he released the Stavanger Song in cooperation with the local children`s quire "Forsand Strand Power Voices" . 2014 the artist made his most historical stop at the Munich Airport in Germany: Suspended from a helicopter he performed airborne on a flying-carpet-platform the "Munich Airport Soca Song". 2015 he conquered new hights and performed on the very top of the 300m high Landmark Tower in Yokohama/Japan. Together with the Japanese artist Masahiro the "Yokohama Song" got premiered.

Stefan`s Blog

The truth is you don't know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed. One day you perform on the closed down airfield of the Munich Airport,then you wake up on the backseat of a motorbike in Vietnam couple of weeks later. I think a method to check whether you`re still alive is trying to do stuff different than before. Skip your daily routines,try something braking new for breakfast like a fish soup (what I did). Call up an old friend that you didn`t talk to for 20 years —throw a surprise cheesecake party or go to the airport and watch people returning to their loved ones:

Get ready for non-fake,true emotions.....

And this is part of the true spirit of my tour : meeting,collaborating with passionate people from all over the world with totally different backgrounds and trying something ,nobody tried before—I just love it.I would be curious to hear about your crazy ideas and approaches,too .

Speaking about unique idea : My Irish friend George, a gifted songwriter, came up with something interesting for all people out there , who wanna get married . He will produce and write a high-class customized song for this very special day of your life - with lyrics and music style of your choice. Not bad or ? Check his site out and drop me a line after that, what you think about his tunes.