What is the Orange-Piano-Tour ?

An orange upright piano is flown to exceptional places all over the world where you won`t expect one.
Together with international and local artists a song is composed and produced about the beauty of the specific region.

One part is sung in the country`s native language. The song title is dedicated to the town or region.
The performance  of the tailored track  is captured by a film team who cuts together a music video
about the whole happening.

What about the past OPT-stations ?

On August 20th 2011, 10 am the tour started on the peak of the Swiss mountain Alphubel in Saas-Fee with the theme song .
This was the world-record of the highest piano-performance ever.

One year later on August 12th Aaron released and played the “Great Wall Song” at the Juyongguan pass on the Great Wall of China.

The 3.station was on the Preikestolen in Norway June 03, 2013 with

On July 23, 2014 a helicopter brought Aaron on a flying carpet to the Munich Airport , the official 4. station finally in Germany. In the following air field concert the “Munich Airport Soca Song” was released.

The 5. station was on the helipad of the Landmark Tower in Yokohama/Japan together with the singer/songwriter Masahiro Sept 04-2015.

Who is the piano player ?

The singer/pianoplayer is Stefan Aaron from Munich/Germany,who composes and produces the
OPT-tunes in cooperation with artists from all over the world.

What about the theme-song “Doing The Undoable” ?

“Doing The Undoable” will be performed at every station in the world. After the last OPT-station there will be
a final “Doing The Undoable”-Music Video,filmed and cut together of all OPT location-scenes.

Where will be the next station  ?

we plan to do the 6.station 2016 at the North-pole.