Yes, time flies by — tomorrow we will witness the 5.Station of the Orange Piano Tour in Japan. But no big deal this time: there will be just an Orange Piano standing on the helipad of Yokohama`s 296m high Landmark tower 😉 But what`s a big deal: it will be the official world-premiere of the new Yokohama-song accompaigned by one of the best dancing groups of Yokohama: the Tricolore Mermaids and Cygnet. Also Masahiro, a singer/songwriter from Tokyo, will support the tour with his vocals, guitar and some Japanese lyrics. Seems that some history will be written tomorrow on the Landmark tower`s helipad, that is normally closed for the public and only reserved for emergency landing:
a unique music video shoot of the new Yokohama song high up in the air. This uptempo pop-song was recorded by musicians from all over the world: brass section and back vocals from NY/US and mixed and mastered in Germany and Denmark. So hopefully the sun comes out a few times tomorrow to get some nice pictures.