Location shot of 'The North Pole'

Location shot of ‘The North Pole’

I wanna make history and play and sing as very first piano player ever at the North pole on my Orange Piano. For this special event I will write and produce the North Pole song and shoot a music video about it.I wanna play this track right beneath the red North Pole sign This will be the 6. station of my so-called Orange Piano Tour.

The lyrics of the new North Pole pop song  should create more awareness about climate change – it will sound similar to “Doing the undoable” that I played on the glacier in Switzerland 2011. The piano and the filmcrew will be brought from the Russian port Murmansk in July/August 2016 with the icebreaker “50 years of Victory” to the North pole. Each ticket costs around 30000 USD (only the ship ticket) plus the piano transport – yes we wanna use the original Orange Piano – plus the costs for song/mixing and mastering and HD music video production . This station will be the MOST expensive station ever, so we started a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo to make this dream happen. For everyone who is willing to chip in, some cool rewards are waiting.