whew – what a ride that was! And in literal terms so: After hearing back from Stefan and his team at C-Track Records about two weeks before his video shoot at Munich Airport, the 4th stop on his Orange Piano Tour, I immediately started learning the material to be performed in the show following his spectacular flying carpet ride and safe landing on the northern airfield at Munich Airport. What a sight that was, what a joyful energy amongst the performers, staff and even top management, who all went way out of their ways to pull this once-in-a-lifetime event off! And on top of having spent a most memorable afternoon, having met all kinds of great people and having had a part in the show – all of which is already reason enough to be happy -, the news of this event along with the spectacular picture taken by Lukas Barth (see picture next to this article) spread quickly around the globe, the internet and social media sites! Toronto Star was the first major news site who “aired” the picture of the flying carpet in the sky, then NBC, BBC and practically every major news outlet in the world and on every continent followed quickly! In China, a translation of the video originally aired by Deutsche Welle and their format “Euromaxx” got almost half a million clicks in less than 48 hours! I tried my best in documenting and collecting some of the press and reviews coming in from all over the world on my Facebook page. But the sheer number and pace of reports abounding were too many to stay on top of. What’s next? Well, of course Stefan is going to try and top that event on the 5th stop of his Orange Piano Tour! Want to bring him to an unusual, prefererably highly elevated location in your country? Head on over to the Next Station Proposals section to leave your suggestion or find the Facebook page he opened for collecting your ideas and suggestions as to where to perform next on his orange piano. So far, a historic Aztec monument has been suggested, a high riser in Vietnam, or even a vulcano in Hawaii!

Chime in, let us know, where you want Stefan and his bright orange piano travel to next!