You don’t have to be psychic to see that the unique flying carpet might be the star of this German station and will attract most of the attention. But nobody should forget that the core of the Orange Piano Tour is still formed by the songs which are tailored to each individual location. This time, the official track for the 4th station has the tough job of keeping up the suspense created by a prelude full of action. So it won`t be a surprise that Aaron has written an energetic uptempo track: an upbeat production of contemporary synthi pop meets soca dance with piano elements and brass. In contrast to the performances in previous countries, the artist won’t perform alone on the concrete airfield .He will be supported on July 21 by the Munich Airport Combo and the Munich Airport Soca Dancers. Two groups formed and established exclusively for this event from all across the airport staff and guest musicians. The whole performance will rise and fall this time with the cooperation and enthusiasm of these people. As already mentioned, the airport will shut down the northern part of the airfield for a 30-minute concert, where Stefan Aaron will play the Munich Airport Soca Song for the first time. A show for 100 guests will follow – containing all previous tour tracks besides unknown releases — and then: don`t miss the After-Party !

Song Facts :

title : Munich Airport Soca

release : July 23-2014, 6pm at Munich Airport /Germany

cause : official track for 4th station of Orange Piano Tour

genre : Pop/Soca

music : Stefan Aaron

lyrics : Stefan Aaron

artists : Munich Airport Combo and Stefan Aaron

intro-voice : Domenica Deiure

dancer : Munich Airport Dancers

choir : Olyphonics

choreography : Lynroy Clarke, St. Lucia -Caribbean Sea

mixed & recorded by : C-tracks Studio Munich 2014

mastered by : Platinum Audio Group, Copenhagen Denmark

guest musicians :

trumpet : Billy Bus Berkeley, CA -USA

back vocals : Elana Hayden, Port Washington, NY -USA

 You can get the song here.


Lyrics :

Munich Airport Soca :

We`re dancing Soca

The Munich Airport Soca

The runways of Europa

Turn into party zones

It`s getting louder

The baggage claim and tower

Are filled with soca power

Infect the boarding zone


1.The cabin crew twirls round the pilot

And air controll sways to the beat

The check in agents get excited

Die Warteschlange groovt jetzt mit !


2.The basedrum pulsing in the towerT

The CEO jumps from his seat

It`s getting hotter every hour

Der ganze Airport tanzt jetzt mit  !


© 2014 C-tracks Records