Kevin Moore

What’s a band without that bad-ass deep thumping pulse locked in tightly with the bass drum? Exactly. A lame duck. Not so with Stefan’s band: We’re happy to introduce Kevin Moore on bass to you, who comes from an equally prolific background as bass player with a professional career that even started in his teens! Kevin not only masters the gamut of music styles the planet has to offer, his career also sports a good share of “name dropping”. After having established himself as a professional musician in New York with Jazz trios, R&B bands, funk, rock, blues, country acts, then living and working from Barcelona, Spain, as a professional musician as well as music journalist, he eventually came to Munich and has established himself as well sought-after live and studio musician quickly. Abi von Reininghaus Band, Bob Chisolm, Sandrina Sedona, Erin Perry, Jeni Williams – each of these well-known, successful artists in their own right, all have him on short-dial when need be for a versatile, dependable, all around nice-guy bass player who even manages to pull off a great job on short notice. What we liked about Kevin from the get-go: His being modest, yet confident, while he could always and easily push his chest out about his career accomplishments. An all-round nice and smart guy and dedicated family man as well. We can’t help but wonder how he manages to juggle all those hats he’s wearing – and with pizzazz and style! Welcome, Kevin! This will be fun!