There were many rumours about the next station of the Orange Piano Tour 2013. The spectacular performance on the Great Wall of China 2012 left many viewers think,what will come next ? Is it a pyramid in Egypt or Mexico ? Will it be a high mountain again like the Swiss 4206m high Alphubel of the first station ? No this time Stefan Aaron wants to bring his coloured upright piano back to Europe to (drumroll)–Norway ! It will be the famous tourist destination Preikestolen also known as “Pulpit Rock” in the Stavanger Region/Forsand. On June 03, 4.30 pm with weather play along- a  AS350 helicopter will fly up the orange piano to the 604m high cliff above Lysefjorden. Up on the rock the singer/pianoplayer will perform the “Stavanger Song” for the very first time. Besides this he will be the very first piano player in history who played on this steep Norwegian rock. This pop-hymne will be especially produced and recorded for the town Stavanger and the Forsand community . Besides artists from all over the world a local,international children`s choir will be part of this production. This 3.station will be organized and supported by Gunhild Vevik, Stavanger`s director of tourism, Ole Tom Guse,the Mayor of the Forsand community and Anders Berglund, head of its cultural school. The famous orange piano will be transported and displayed at major hotspots in Stavanger  before it will be flown on the Preikestolen on Saturday. Locals and piano-players will get the chance on May 31  to be very close to the wooden instrument,that got already played on the Great Wall of China and a 4204m high glacier . Here is the time-table :
May 31 :

15.00 PM    Tungenes Fyr at Randaberg,

16.30 PM     Gamle Stavanger in the City centre

17.30 PM     Øvre Holmegate in the City centre (“the color street”

June 02 :

06.00 PM     Performance of the Stavanger Song at the Landa-Park together with the “Forsand Strand Power Voices”.

June 03 :

04.30 PM    Stefan Aaron performs as very first singer/pianoplayer on his Orange Piano on the Preikestolen He will play”The Stavanger Song” and the theme-song “Doing the Undoable”.

Here you will get also more details about the “Stavanger Song” .