People of Yokohama in Japan are very proud of their 1993 built 296 m high Landmark tower. If you look at the picture beside, this skyscraper is really an impressive eye-catcher at Yokohama`s coast line. Everyone can go to the upper observation deck called sky garden to enjoy the breath-taking view. But normally no one is allowed to get up to the very top of the building, a helipad for emergency landings .Needless to say that normally any kind of film shootings were strictly forbidden on the helipad in the history of this building. We still don`t know how they did it, but Stefan Aaron and Masahiro got exactly that: an exclusive filming permission for their music video up there Sept 04. In this stunning Landmark-heli-video you`ll get a clue about this coming spectacle. Imagine an Orange Piano, a gifted guitar player & singer plus Stefan Aaron performing the world premiere of the brand-new “Yokohama Song” — and as icing on the cake: dancers of Yokohama city.This event will be made possible thanks to the help of The City of Yokohama, Mitsubishi Estate, All Nippon Airways, FM Yokohama.

Yeah, the 5. station will raise the bar a bit higher, or?