Okay, it has already been reported that Stefan Aaron will finally bring his Orange Piano to Munich Airport in Germany. He has played on a 4200 m high glacier in Switzerland, on the Great Wall of China, on the Pulpit Rock in Norway – how can you top this at an international airport? Playing on the tower? Think bigger and way more spectacular:  A 7-meter long flying carpet will be built and flown by cargo helicopter to the airport on July 21. Nice, but where’s the punchline? The Orange Piano will be placed on this prototype AND Stefan Aaron will perform on it while up in the air. To sum up: this will be the very first flying carpet in the world to approach an international airport. If you want to get a peek at the carpet as it arrives, come to the “Besucherhügel” at Munich Airport on July 21, at 5.40 pm. Part of the airfield will be shut down for the carpet’s arrival, so Aaron can give an exclusive concert for invited guests, where he will present the “Munich Airport Soca” Song as the official track for the 4th station in his Orange Piano Tour. This uptempo song was exclusively recorded and produced for the 4th station at the German hub. It even has its own dance choreography. The airfield show will also include 50 casted Bavarian soca dancers, a big choir and the Munich Airport band.All tunes from the previous stations will be performed for 100 invited guests in this first concert on the airfield of an international airport. Journalists and press representatives who would like to cover the landing and airfield concert should contact for limited tickets.