First Flight with Flying Carpet 07/23

“Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.”

…. is the signature motto ending each show of late radio legend’s Casey Kasem‘ broadcast “American Top 40“. We can’t think of a better way of making such vision a reality for everybody by performing the Munich Airport Soca Song written by Stefan Aaron for Munich Airport, the 4th station of his Orange Piano Tour, while approaching Northern runway at Munich airport on a flying carpet-shaped platform. And now the man gently floating in front of puffy white clouds above Munich Airport all the while performing on his signature orange piano is making world headline news and gaining traction on practically all major digital news and social media outlets fast!

How did this happen? Of course, there’s a vision first and a public voting contest as well as casting following that vision. Then there’s droves of dedicated people, all pulling together to make the vision happen against any odds, be they in the form of nay-sayers, adverse weather conditions, tough regulations to be worked through or technical reasons of general feasibilty. But what’s a vision without a visionary and his supporters? A dream that stays a dream.

Not so with the 4th station of the Orange Piano Tour, because: We made it! And not only that: As soon as the first pictures landed on the internet, Toronto Star made Stefan’s picture on the flying carpet their picture of the day – and now the event and footage from his once-in-a-lifetime, possbily history-making event is practically everywhere on the web: Major news sites like NBC, San Francisco Gate, BBC News, the New York Post, Yahoo on Twitter and others worldwide are circulating the picture of a man in front of his piano, sitting on a flying carpet hoisted up about 600 ft. by a helicopter and approaching one of the major runways at Munich Airport, which was shut down for commercial air traffic for an entire afternoon!

Now, what can I say: Wheather conditions couldn’t have been any better and the overall vibe and energy coming from all the team involved in this, including lots of airport.Munich airport staff , the dancers the choir, musicians Steve Cobey on drumsKevin Moore on bass wesbound on guitar sound crew, the , was off-the-hook!! We all had a blast before, during and after the show! Of course, extraordinary projects like this one are only possible with the support of people, who share the vision and vibe: A special big thanks to Munich Airport’s CEO , who had our backs from start to completion and got to sit in with Stefan performing the Munich Airport Soca Song again during the grand finale!

There’s some first footage from Stefan’s breathtaking flight approaching the landing strip on Munich airport, which you get to watch here. And stay posted for more reports and video footage as they come in, especially the official music video which is in the works as we type!