Photo (from left) :  Orange Piano in 1.station, Preikestolen film team supervisor Johnny Engelsvoll, Performance on 4204m

 Maybe some people will notice at Sola Airport in the afternoon of June 03, when 2 helicopters will head to Ryfylke for a very special mission : Showdown for a breath-taking music-video of Aaron`s famous Orange Piano. This fim shoot will add some history to the already iconic Pulpit Rock in Forsand : While one helicopter will lift up the 500 pounds instrument,the other one will accompaign and capture the scene dipped in a incredible fjord-sunrise landscape. Stefan Aaron`s orange sneakers, still dusty from the Great Wall of China, will then touch this majestic rock  and stride to his Orange Piano, which will stand close to the steep ledge by now. As very first pianoplayer and singer ever he will perform up there “The Stavanger Song” ,that was exclusively produced for this occasion and all the people of Forsand and Stavanger. Not only the major Norwegian press and TV stations don`t wanna miss this,even international media showed already their interest for the unprecedented concert. To avoid any security and safety problems we advice locals and tourists NOT to hike up the Pulpit Rock to watch the video shoot. All footage and pictures will be soon available in the net on this site and for everyone accessible. Plus there will be an extra concert of Anders Berglund`s children`s quire together with Stefan Aaron on June 02, 6 pm in Landa-Park .

Please contact for more information and press inquiries Gunhild Vevik from Stavanger`s tourism bureau