IMG_6728Yes, he did it again. The German pianist Stefan Aaron released his “Great Wall Song” on Sunday, August 12 ,11.30 – 3.00 pm  at the Juyongguan pass of the Great  Wall of China. He is now officially the very first singer and piano-player who performed on this magnificant landmark. The biggest challenge was to carry the 500 pound piano many, many steep steps high up the mountain -it took 8 men to do that! Altough the weather conditions were quite perfect for the music video shoot, the heat of 40 C was sometimes unbearable. Aaron got accompaigned by an international filmteam with the US director Chris Dolan, who was confronted with unusual shooting conditions: bringing up a jimmy jib (camera-crane} and the piano, getting the filming permission and so on. C-tracks Records got the chance to get an exclusive interview with this crazy artist right after his performance:

C-tracks : Hi Stefan, can you describe your feelings that you had while performing up there?

Aaron : it was a surreal feeling. I had a lot respect and admiration for this land mark, that got a really high reputation world wide.

Sitting suddenly up there and playing on my own piano feels like: will someone wake me up now ? Really thrilling…

C-tracks : What is the “Great Wall Song ” about?

Aaron :  It s about a man who proofs his strong love to his girl by singing on the Great Wall for her.

C-tracks : What was the biggest challenge for this shoot?

Aaron : Oh my gosh, bringing the piano up and down those steep stairs ! It was so scary, I couldn t even watch them while they were carrying it!

I think the piano movers are real heros and here again I shout out : Thank you so much guys ,you did an amazing job and made that happen !

C-tracks :  What was the reaction of the Chinese people at the wall?

Aaron : Oh, they wanted to take a lot of pictures of me and their relatives and friends -btw they have all a very outgoing warm and friendly way to treat foreigners like me.

C-tracks : What will you miss when you going back to Germany?

Aaron : I love the Chinese food- one tip:  try the water-melon juice! It s worth flying 10 hours from Germany for it.

C-tracks : Where will you perform next, Stefan?

Aaron : I hope some day on the Giza pyramid in Egypt  —  it depends on how much sponsoring we will get.

C-tracks : Good luck with that.